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Kodiak here we come

Alaska, it was just another state, right, wrong.  It has become the state of conversation in our house over the last year.  Our son AJ made friends with a new family in the church.  Little did I know at the time it would become an extension to my existing family.  Yes, most church families become very close but not so close that our son could actually be considered a tax write off for another, that’s another story.  I digress…


When AJ told me he wanted to go to Alaska  with Tony and Matthew, I was like right, no problem, and (much sarcasm in that statement by the way).  Fast forward to August 2011, here we are packing and preparing for the trip of a life time.  And not only our son but my husband as well.  They sent out letters to friends and family, AJ did odd jobs all summer (even though he broke his scapula) and worked when possible to make extra money.  All along I was thinking “What did I get myself into?”   That’s okay, right, here I could take myself a nice quiet vacation with my family out of state, didn’t have to worry about anything, no cooking, no cleaning, no watching over men.  WRONG.


Satan tried at every venue to make things ugly for the team of eight traveling to  Alaska.  Transportation problems like delayed flights, not making connections, then making connections, then ferries being cancelled due to extremely high winds on the ocean (only after having to remain on the boat for about eight hours),  trying to catch a smaller flight from  Kodiak  to  Anchorage so they can make their flights home.  Not only the threat of an earthquake but a possible tsunami.  Falls and trips (stairs/rock), sadly a seizure (but he is fine), and of course the dreaded rain, rain, rain, rain and more rain.  Hey after all it is  Alaska.


But truthfully, if you asked any of the eight if they would do it again I believe in my heart they would say yes.  Why, well you have to remember I wasn’t actually there; I was an outsider looking in (literally at one point watching their flights from Chicago to Anchorage via this great plane tracking system on the internet).  At all the events that occurred and after listening to all the participants it is clear to me their hearts are for the Alaskan people.  I have looked at over one thousand pictures of the beautiful landscape, the site seeing and fishing trips and the event itself.  I’ve heard both my son and husband and some of the others talk about how the people there stay on their minds and in their prayers.  I look into the faces of the young children and think to myself, if they were my children I would so desperately want them to know Jesus like I know Jesus.


It is now October and I still hear my husband praying for them.  As it was their first mission’s trip I am so grateful to our Lord that they were able to experience this new culture of people.  Sadly, the Alaskan people’s hearts are so closed to accepting God’s one true gift.  Some of us see it as a simple task to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, however, in a place that is so far removed from the area we live in, where it appears to me, talking about Jesus is not an everyday event or for that matter a once a month deal.  On Kodiak some of these families have to literally take a plane to do their groceries, so going to church is even more cumbersome.


If you are out there reading this (and not a member of the eight), I have a request, keep the Alaskan people in your thoughts and prayers.  Praying is the easiest form of being a part of any mission’s team and one that only takes a short amount of your time and virtually no energy.  Just close your eyes and say a prayer, please do not close your eyes if you are driving.  These people really need a shot in the arm and what better dose of medicine is Jesus.


By the way, after being without my guys for a very long nine days and realizing I am truly no good without my husband, I have decided that if God allows, I will fight the fear of travel and flying and join them next year in Kodiak, or wherever they decide to travel for the next mission’s trip.  Lord please help me… I am going to need it.


God Bless and to Him I give all the glory…. Barb Magill

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