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For a Time Such as This

It is so amazing…The Lord has provided for the trip every step of the way. More than just financially, God has provided for this trip in every way. From the finances, to the people on the team, God provided it all.


If we look at the makeup of the team, you will find those who accepted Christ as a young person, older person and everything in between. God provided the specific characteristics needed in this place at this time. We were all selected for a Time Such as This.


When I hear that term, I think of the book and story of Esther. She was placed in position at just the right time in the just the right place to make certain that the Nation of Israel would continue on. It was important for Israel to continue on, because from Israel, God would bring forth His son to die for the sins of all mankind. Esther had to step up to make a difference. If she had stayed silent, then her people would cease to exist.


As I think of this team that God has provided here in Kodiak, I cannot help but see the similarities. The people of this culture in Alaska are hard. They have been tried in the fire of a hard unforgiving territory. Many still hunt and fish to make a living. Many have seen countless things in their own families that we would consider to be an absolute abomination. Many have actually been the ones to do those things. Well, in our case, we have to step up in order to keep these people from perishing. It is not easy. While we are used to sharing with people in our own community, these folks are different. They do not like “outsiders”. They do not think they need anyone telling them how to live. They are independent and think that they can control their destiny. God has assembled this team, with it’s backgrounds and characteristics, for a time such as this. Please pray that we will have boldness in the Name of Jesus.

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