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Progress in our Quest to reach the Alaskan People

Well, we arrived in Alaska with all the challenges of us being delayed on the leg of our journey from Chicago to Seattle. This included all the obstacles that the devil through at us which included worried thought of our plans not working as WE wanted them to turn out OUR way. God had a DIFFERENT PLAN and we were forced to do it HIS way and build our Trust and Faith in HIM that because he had our back all the way whether we though so or not. All the time I was doing his work passing out tracts t as many people as I could and I knew all the time that he was making it possible and giving me time needed to accomplish his work in HIS time. I believe that is the reason why the plane that we were originally suppose to take broke down and we had to get on another plane bound for Seattle. HIS way NOT ours. I’m glad he gave me to trust in him and do his will to accomplish his will for the different people he put in each of our paths.

We get to Seattle and since we had a later flight we were forced to take a Alaskan flight to Anchorage which was set up by Continental since we would had only 5 minutes to get to our Continental flight which was NOT HAPPENING. This gave me and the others an oppotunity to witness to the people around us for a pretty long period of time with people openly accepting them like (candy from a baby). HA HA LOL !!!!!!!!!  We finally arrived at Anchorage in one peice and had an eye opening experience that marveled US to see how everything we were worrying about and getting frustated about turned out to be smooth at silk. We had concerns but the Lord knew exactly who was in control and what his plan was all the time. We were met by David George who had a triler attached to the van in which we would be traveling in to our final destination to the comfort of the local church where we would be able to crash and get some beddy by sleep( Very Needed Rest for all of us after the attacks of satan.

We all woke the next morning and had the great oppuotunity to dine in the marvelous restaurant of DENNY’S….Oh Yeah. Really they did have very good food and a lovely waitress to serve us.

The men and the two boys were given the great adventure to experience the challenge of catching sea bass and halibut…………Big HALIBUT!!!!!!!!!! We did that all day and finally ended our fishing experience at 4:00PM.

Friday, We ate and then went to the boat harbor to  pray for the fishermen, their boats and that the tracts we( either handed to the fishermen or was able to be tossed on their boat through an open window or placed in a spot where they would be noticeable ) would reach their final arrival point.

Today we were all able to hand out different tracts to so many different people and  share the gospel on different levels concerning the different individual levels. I estimate that we , at the conclusion of the day, passed out 1000 tracts to lost or misguided people of all kinds. All of us were able to witness to 5 or more people each, if not more. We had a good meal with a message that the LORD wanted me to present to our  enthusiastic members. I hope tomorrow will bring out more and different people for us to share the good news with.

Please, if you read this before we begin witnessing at 4pm EST, pray for defense from satan’s attacks and for us to have the ability to share the correct words with people so that it will become clear that they need JESUS CHRIST in Their life.

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