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Different from the South

As I look back on the trip from which we just returned, I cannot help but think about the people we met. There were people from all different walks of life and all different ages. I also cannot help but think of just how different they were from the folks here in the south. People from Alaska are proud, hard working folks who have a rough exterior. They develop that exterior because they have to. The very environment in which they live dictates the type of folks they are. They are rugged as the land from which they make their living. Whether fishing, hunting or oil or gas, the land is their supplier.

In the south, folks work hard, but it is a different kind of hard work. There are plenty of people who do very dangerous jobs like coal mining and timber. These folks too have a pretty hard shell, but when it comes to their faith, they are different. If you ask people in the lower 48 if they are saved and 80% will say yes. If you ask how they are saved and undoubtedly, you will get answers like “I am a good person” or “my daddy was a deacon in the church and I grew up in the Christian faith”. Answers like this are so common here, that we almost get used to hearing it. People put their faith in all kinds of things besides what matters. Without Jesus and Jesus alone, you will NOT enter heaven. These answers are a far cry from that we get in the Last Frontier. We ask that same question and you will normally get a shrug or even a flat out, NO. The folks in Alaska are very straight-forward. They do not have time to lie or to try to make you think they are a good person. They have things to do. In the south we do too, but if they do not get it done before winter, it will not get done and in many cases, it is a matter of life and death.

This honesty is refreshing, but the¬†cause is that they do not have the Christian heritage in many cases to point to. They do not know Christ, but it is because no one has bothered to tell them about Him. You will not hear about how “Daddy was a deacon” or “momma was a church secretary”. You do not have to explain to them that this will not get them to heaven. Instead you have to tell them about the basics in Christianity.

Let’s pray together that God will send men and women of faith the people of the Last Frontier.


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