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Why Alaska?

Lots of people ask me why Alaska. The answer can be found below…

Alaska is a spiritually dark place. Check out these stats…

– Alcohol and drug abuse
– Highest rate of suicide of any state in the union
– Highest rate of death from domestic violence
– Highest rate of incest of any state in the union
– More isolation than any other state

As you can see, Alaska is in need of spiritual light. Much of the abuse is generational. We know the fix and it is the Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2008, God called me to missions in Alaska. I had no idea why that was until I took a trip with Alaska Missions. The leader of the trip explained to everyone, the spiritual problems in Alaska. You always see Alaska from the perspective of the cruise ship brochure. Beautiful, peaceful and tranquil. All these things are true of Alaska, but the dark spiritual nature is hidden beneath all the beauty.

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