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I am just a normal guy (sort of) from a small church with God’s call on my life. God has called me to the Great State of Alaska. I was originally called to missions in 1999 and I made a choice to ignore His gentle nudge.

Life following my choice to ignore Him, was to say the least, disruptive at best. When God originally called, I had a small software company and things were starting to really take off from a business perspective. I remember telling the pastor of the church we attended at the time about what I felt God was calling me to. He was excited that God was calling me to missions. I wish I had shared his excitement.

I went on to explain to him that God certainly did not want me to give up what we had started and that I could do “so much more” for God as He blessed our business. That is when he said something that made little sense to me until a few years ago. He stated that God had a way of removing obstacles we put in the way. He was right. A few years later, we lost it all. The business WE had built, went belly up. We went with it. When it was all said and done, I was working for someone else in another state and just trying to make ends meet. That is when I finally understood what pastor had said…

It was all His to begin with. God had given and God had taken away (Job 1:21). Our striving to hold onto what God had given us had done little more than create more problems. Through some of this, I have figured out that what God wants for us and what God wants to give us, is all that matters and is best for us.



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